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Lee Collver-Richards, M. Ed

I have big dreams, bigger than my mind ALONE can hold, for creating positive change in the world.  We are all in transition, learning to change our beliefs to ones that cherish, respect, and nurture all life as holy.  As Louise Hay reminded “We are having a lot of sensation in this time of transition.  If we can just alter our minds, alter the ways we think, just a little bit, we can change, moving from an old order to a new order, moving from living and creating in states of fear to States of Love, where we flow in, through, and as, Divine Order. We seem to see more negativity.  But, if we want to clean our mental house, look at yourself, and go inside.  We have to look inside and see what is actually there. See what our beliefs are so we know what to change.”

Then, change, we can, and we will, for the liberation of all beings. It is an honor and privilege to find myself building a global collaborative business with other creative beings who seek first resonance in the One Mind of Love. In other words, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, within.  From this place of unity, we can create the world of our dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt reading the 1948 Human Rights Declaration provides the basis for what I still believe is both possible, and our radical responsibility, to make a reality in this time and for the liberation of all life here, now, and henceforth.  These are basic human rights.  Wherever and however I can contribute to ensuring all of these basic human rights are equally guaranteed to everyone, sine qua non, I will, I can, I do.