What is “Very Good Body”™ (VGB)?

Lee’s “Very Good Body”™ (VGB) is a remarkable weight-reduction, body-image enhancing, overall lightening your step program pioneered in England by Sheila Granger with a 95% success rate in two double-blind medical studies. Thousands of people have benefited from this program since then.   VGB guides you to harness the power of your own mind to retrain your brain and learn to be satisfied with smaller portions of vital nutrition. Using these tested clinical hypnotherapy (also known as relaxation therapy) techniques, you learn to connect with the power every individual possesses, partnering with your “Very Good Body”™ to make positive, lasting changes in your lifestyle choices and naturally ease into your ideal shape and size.

Your commitment is small and your returns great. Attend all four live sessions.  Listen to a 10-minute daily support recording (mini-relaxation session) for 6-8 weeks.  Rejoice as you and your “Very Good Body”™ realign.  It is so easy to achieve, and it feels good to love yourself this much.

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What They’re Saying

“FYI – I am quite blown away at how the excess fat is shedding so effortlessly. Although I am eating mindfully and healthily for the most part, I have strayed more than once in the past month, yet the numbers on the scale continue to decrease at a healthy rate and my clothes are fitting better. Thank you for this wee miracle in my life!” –PJP, 2019

“Oh, Lee, wow! Thank you so much for such a beautiful, gentle, soothing session! I feel relaxed, calm, quiet and positive about my future body and my future in general.” –JL, 2019

“I’ve lost the last 12 pounds in the March VGB, Hoorah!” –MK, 2019

“I attended every program last year and already dropped 65 pounds!” –SD, 2019

Lee’s 4-week program may be right for you if:

  • you feel heaviness in your body

  • you feel uncomfortable at your current weight

  • you aren’t enjoying food, you eat mindlessly, or without pleasure

  • you experience any kinds of negative body image issues (which are not true, by the way, no matter your current shape and size)

If you were to undergo a Gastric Bypass surgery, costs are upwards of $30-$50,000. It is invasive, fraught with many, often-dangerous, side effects, painful, or worse. After a surgery, we are still stuck with the unhealthy mental patterns that got us out of our very good bodies in the first place. Regular price for Lee’s “Very Good Body”™ 4-week program is only $488. You receive: a 20-minute private Pre-VGB & 10-minute private Post-VGB consultation with Lee; 3 choices of daily support recordings; four consecutive weekly live sessions from 45-90 minutes (via a secure web call, or secure local telephone number of your choosing, PIN and password). You also receive unlimited access to all subsequent VGB programs for only $33 each time you attend.

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Cleansing and Clearing of  the Mental, Emotional, Physical, Chemical, Spiritual, Cosmic, Dimensional and Etheric Bodies

About Lee

Lee began formal schooling at age 2 in a foreign language from the English of Saskatchewan.  Lee has studied, taught, grown, and learned with pre-K to University in-service and pre-service teachers; administrators; parents; and policymakers in four countries and three languages for more than 30 years.

Since 2012, Lee’s focus has shifted into the investigation and implementation of emerging energy or spiritual components evolving within the Social Sciences.  Lee’s mission is to bring these emergent best practices, in the simplest and most effective ways, into every classroom for the joy and expansion of all types of learners and circumstances.  So that all learners may fully embrace the ubiquitous truth of change; what author Amy Tan calls  “the universal constant”.  Building together “Palaces of Learning” where both adults and children thrive.

A graduate of Deepak Chopra’s “Perfect Health” program and medical study.  A mentee of medical intuitive “The Body Knows” author Caroline Sutherland, Lee is eager to personalize any program she offers here for your highest and best good.  Your accelerated growth, increased well-being, happiness, and mastery in the areas of interest for you are her highest priority.  Let’s make some joy!