A Little About The Whales

In the tradition of the Dogon of Africa, the whales and dolphins are the most ancient and spiritually advanced living beings on our planet.  The whales have had physical form on Earth for over 300 million years.  They tell us that it is time to upgrade all our social structures and operating systems so we may make a conscious quantum shift for the well-being of all life. The Whale & Dolphin Energy Light Medicine Systems access your pure potentiality and create an instant upgrade for a human when summoned. The process of simply summoning their energy to you is how the healing begins. The overlighting presence of the soul of the whales and dolphins come to us when we ask, and they respond to our intentions to heal and expand our consciousness.

The intention is for you to experience an accelerated change, growth, and expansion, moving into a deeper connection to your soul. The processes will assist you in moving into higher states of consciousness and in raising your vibration.

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Session Types

Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Medicine sessions begin with a 90-minute Whale Healing and Clearing. Transformation in your life, whether on a conscious or sub-conscious level, requires your permission. You will experience conscious connection to Mother Earth, The Light of God, and your Heart- the seat of your Soul. Through the gentle, benevolent, over lighting presence of the physical and etheric cetaceans, Lee guides you to serve your soul’s progression and evolution, setting an intention for positive growth and change.

  1. Whale Healing and Clearing 90 minutes (All begin here)
  2. Whale Light Body Activations – 12 Templates
  3. Dolphin DNA Calibrations – 12 Layers of DNA

Limited sessions available in 2020, schedule yours now!

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The Essential Principles of Ocean Sciences

Ocean Literacy Is…

… an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you—and your influence on the ocean.

An ocean-literate person:

  • Understands the Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts about the ocean;
  • can communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way; and
  • is able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.

Words from Clients

Hi Lee,

Thank you so much for this wonderful session, I feel very uplifted and also clearer in my goals.

The meditation was incredible, I could feel the energy flowing through my body and at some point, toward the end, I just got some kind of download what jolted throughout my body.

I am very happy and grateful to find you.



Lee, this is all so remarkable, and I feel at a loss as to how to even think about it.  The messages are so beautiful.  You just channel these?  and they are unique for each person?  I have to say, if I thought of myself as “Precious Darling Melinda, Princess of Light and Love, heroine of this most wonderful human life,” my days might go a bit better!  And if I consistently thought of others as Princes and Princesses, heroes and heroines, I’d have more hope and compassion.  So thank you.  I feel a big shift for the positive.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with the world.

Much love,


Hi Lee,

Just because I am responding to you two days after my energy healing doesn’t mean that I didn’t love it.  It was so powerful; I can finally discuss it without crying.  Thank you for offering this to us Creative Stationers.   I would never have been exposed to this if I hadn’t met you.   A shout out , too, for being so positive and fun.  You have a real gift.

The phrase “The Beauty Way” has much meaning for me; I was just blown away by the whole experience.

Thanks again,


The Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Medicine Sessions were a most powerful and positive experience. The energy conveyed was uplifting, reassuring and exhilarating.

And Lee Collver-Richards was the perfect travel guide for this amazing journey. Her warm and resonant voice, accompanied by her evident delight in sharing the wonders of the whales, instilled a sense of joy during each session.

I have been fascinated by and drawn to whales since I was a child. On a whale-watching trip a few years ago, I saw a humpback in the distance. I thought that majestic sight would be the closest encounter I would ever have with the great whales. So glad to be proved wrong, thanks to Lee, who introduced me to the light and energy waiting in the depths.

I’m also so grateful that the experience continues through the recordings Lee provided of our sessions. I am delighted to be able to revisit the whales anytime with the help of the meditations included on those recordings.

Thank you, Lee!

Nora O.

What an exquisite beauty-way healing session! Really it was more a work of art. I enjoyed it immensely.

I was thrilled that it included a visit to the Akashic Records for updating the trajectory … Last week I went through a very profound clearing and I had forgotten that step. So yesterday I felt so supported not only in getting support of such beauty and magnitude in culling out the remaining threads of that which had been loosened and lifted last week — but ALSO that crucial visit to the Akashic library.

This morning I woke up with a tangent of a dream… that was already getting “translated” into mundane language … but it was hilarious: I was notified that my police record had been completely re-written!!

Turns out I was innocent!! haha.. isn’t that really the crux of it? Remembering that! In this morning’s inner journeying there was sweet rejoicing with my inner child and parallel selves … kind a shimmying into this new iteration, new chapter of living this knowing and reconciliation.

It was delicious, and so clearly an extension of the ever-so-beautiful session yesterday with you and the Whales!! Thank you again.

Love! Tera