Creating Leaders for Our World

The highly skilled group of visionaries and the team of educators at the Peace Academy model the village we dream to create for our children. We are committed to serving as a model of excellence, coexistence, and peace on Earth, in partnership with our parents and the larger community of SLO County. Through real-world applications, students are empowered to learn more about each other, embrace differences, and learn how to build on each other’s strengths in a way that inspires creative innovation.

Math, science, humanities, and arts are integrated into big ideas, so they become tools to create competent and compassionate leaders for an interconnected and increasingly globalized world. The Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts lifelong learning community aspires to prepare students for their future by:

  • developing the whole child
  • implementing innovative instructional strategies
  • preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist
  • empowering students to interact globally
  • PASA’s Pillars:

    Self-Awareness, Environmental Stewardship, Social Justice & Global Citizenship

    Academic Enrichment:

    Ecology, Botany, Humanities, Art, Mindfulness, Collaboration, Food Science, and Leadership

    PASA’s Values:

    Love, Humility, Compassion, Kindness, Gratitude, Peace, Peacemaking, Generosity, Seeking Knowledge and Wisdom

Conversations with Love