One Team: Share & Celebrate Creativity, Build Community & Clarify Communications, Collaborate to Go Deep & Emerge Anew

Why Join One Team?

The universals of our social being, our human societies, require massive restructuring if we are to revitalize and return our nature to nurture.  Wholehearted, honest, empowering, sustainable, life-giving, and healthy enterprise, economics, education, entertainment, governance, medicine, and more are foundational for us to build anew a future free of past miscreation and our children’s futures in integrity, justice, peace, harmony, laughter, and love.  What Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie in his 1968 address to the United Nations called, ‘international morality’.

My contribution begins with structures in delivery of education.  I currently have the most skill and expertise in this area, nearly 30 years studying and learning best practices in education and supporting parents, their children, and greater school communities.  I specialized in literacy development with primary school age children and families in dense, urban, public-school settings. I love and choose to continue building optimal teaching and learning experiences for as many as I can.  I believe that learning, deep learning, is an essential part of human evolution, and, a basic human right.  My experiences building school models in California, that engage and include children and their families, in collaborative, project-based, “STREAM”* research driven curriculum provides just that, deep learning experiences that activate and encourage mastery.

How to join One Team?

If you are interested in joining this “collaborative collective of change agents”, or whether you have an area of expertise or a budding curiosity or desire to participate in creating a legacy of love in our lifetime, I invite you to support “One Team” .  Please share, learn, and grow a world we can stand proud to leave for our children’s children’s children, forty-four generations to come.

Once we reach critical mass, One Team will have foundational resources and networking capacity that it will organically produce best next steps.  As well as the Technology Hub needed to power its global outreach, and in-person communities contributing time, energy, direction.  Producing or providing resources, education, assistance, or expertise. Co-creating structures, housing, research and development empowering those same communities to live and grow in more harmonious, peaceful, culturally rich and diverse ways we all want to know more of, and love to experience.

*STREAM stands for integrated subject matter in the knowledge bases of Science/Spirituality, Technology, Relationships, Engineering (Design), Arts (engaging in all media), and Mathematics – including perspectives that are historical, cultural, and contemporary; where adults and children engage equally in the exploration of life on planet earth beginning from a personal place within their own imagination, curiosity, and desire to learn more, and then apply that learning to their own lives.  For example, Kindergarten for Grown-ups group may develop knowledge in the foundations of ocean literacy as it reignites Participants’ “Beginner’s Mind”.  Studio Schools Model may apply best practices in the service industry in their year-long program at Jamaica’s HEART Academy Trade School, while learning the basics of storytelling through motion picture arts and sciences.

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1/3 of fee goes to Peace Academy (tax deductible donation)
1/3 of fee goes to build the Collaboration website
1/3 of fee goes to offset administrative and website costs

Join Now

There are hundreds, if not thousands of organizations worldwide, and for centuries, if not millennia, dabbling in the STREAM* (Science/Spirituality, Technology/Time, Relationships/Relativity, Engineering/Design, Art (Visual, Music, Dance, Theater, Film, Writing, Performance…) and Mathematics (there are 12 branches of mathematics currently known).

I propose we begin a cooperative, a collaborative, of energy light and sound, going deep into the realms that both interest us personally and promote our professional growth as well.  This collaboration will allow us to share what we have already created and inspire us to create more, and perhaps differently. Developing and meeting the emerging needs of humanity in ways we may have yet to fully realize.  This IS a place for all thought, and all possibility, that promotes, protects, and serves the good of the many, while keeping first attention on developing, living, and being our Best Self, radically and entirely responsible for everything we create of our own gift of life.

How can we build this dream together? How can we embrace all of humanity everywhere, including them in the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, divine morality?  How might we build in our communities around the world that support and promote deep learning, honest and fair enterprise, joyful expressions? How can we?  Let us begin.

One Team is neither a think tank, a control center, or a marketplace.  Rather One Team seeks to be a living library, a resource center where those who are just starting out, and those well-established may share, mentor, and prosper one another with their fare in safety and integrity.  Creating prosperity while fulfilling needs of a changing global population, in real-world time, and in real-world applications.