In every culture, there are universal themes.  Water is one of those universals, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral of Planet Earth, we all need and require it.  Thank you, Water, for cleansing, purifying, and infusing our lives with your sweet , holy energy.

If I have harmed you, or polluted you, in any way, please forgive me.  I am so sorry water for taking you for granted.  Thank you for-GIVE-ing me life, health, and wellness.  I love you. (Repeat three times out loud).

Water, I bless you.  Water, I cherish you.  Water, I love you.  Thank you for raising your vibration and the vibration of all water in my bodies to the highest possible vibration now.  I am so grateful for this moment. This moment is my life.  I choose life.  All is well.